The Southern California Junior Hoofers' Club is a tap dance company for dancers 7 -18 in Southern California who are passionate about tap dancing, its history and tap as a form of art and expression.


about the Hoofers' Club

Includes Team Classes, Broadway Tap, Jazz and On-Broadway classes, unlimited acting and singing.  

Each month the Hoofers’ Club will have a master class with an eminent tap master (approximately 1 master class per month), and will practice and dissect that choreography with Michelle Miner.


Club members will learn the art of tap improvisation, in order to express their rhythmic intentions.


Club members will have 3 to 5 noncompetitive performance opportunities throughout the year. 


Finally, Club members will have the opportunity to audition to be a part of the American Tap Company West team representing the United States at the World Tap Dance Championship in Germany.


The Club will have two divisions - beginner/intermediate company and the Core Company.  


Hoofers’ Club membership is audition-only, although nonmembers can attend master classes. The Club meets twice a month on Saturdays in Murrieta, California. 


Auditions will be July 18 at Norris Performing Arts Center in Murrieta, California (41640 Corning Place, Murrieta, CA) .  Club members can be affiliated with any dance studio.  Auditions will be at 11:00 am for children 7 to 11 and under, and 12:00 pm for 12 and up. 


Club membership is  $100 per month for September through May, plus a $15 fee for each master class.  Master Classes are $50 for nonmembers.


To sign up for the Hoofers’ Club auditions, please RSVP below.


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